Inspired by our flagship items Sheepish Grins and Fresh Moon, we decided to combine all of our services into one easy to use website to save you time and money! We are adding new products every month. To stay informed, sign up for our newsletter (wholesale accounts are automatically signed up).

We are now accepting retailers. Purchase cloth diapers at wholesale including Chinese Prefolds, hemp inserts and doublers, organic cotton diapers and doublers, cloth wipes and luscious organic cotton velour baby blankets. Please create a new account and email us for more information on becoming a retailer.

All of our products are made in the USA by WAHM's! The only exceptions are the Chinese Prefolds (made in China), diaper pins (imported from the UK), Snappis (made in South Africa), Diaper Pails (made in Canada), Wool Soakers (made in Germany). Everything else is made in Texas or Oregon. We support fair wages, fair labor practices, non-toxic work environments, and other WAHM's.

Cloth Diapers (Nappies) for Babies & Toddlers, Diaper Covers & Wraps, Accessories, Natural Diaper Cream & Skin Care and more!

We searched high and low for the best quality products available in order to offer a wide selection of cloth diapers (nappies) for babies and toddlers: diaper service (DSQ) Chinese Prefolds, contour diapers, wool covers and much more!

We also offer a wide variety of accessories including diaper pails, Bi-O-Kleen, natural diaper creams and ointments, wet bags, cloth wipes or washies, metal locking diaper pins, Snappis, essential oils and a variety of skin care items including homemade goat's milk soap!

Fresh Moon - Products for Women
We are proud to offer this WAHM made in the USA product line geared just for women! They carry cloth breastpads or nursing pads, cloth menstrual pads, postpartum pads, sea sponges and so much more. Your baby deserves cloth, why not you? Now you can protect your health, the environment and save money on your sanitary products as well! Made with organic and natural materials, you will feel good about protecting your most sensitive parts from harmful chemicals.

We've tried them and love them. They are much more comfortable than disposables and easy to clean: simply wash them like you would your cloth diapers or even better throw them in with the diapers! Once you try them, you'll love them!

Clearance Items!
We shut down our online retail stores and are now selling off our excess inventory at or near wholesale prices! Great for retailers who want to grab a small stash or the bargain hunter looking for a deal. Supplies are limited, no back-orders accepted. All sales are final on clearance items. Check back often as we have thousands of items that need to be cleared out and we will be constantly adding them to our site!

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